29 July 2010

Surf's Up NET-A-PORTER ipad magazine App

I am totally jealous not to be able to make full advantage of the new NET - A - PORTER ipad magazine App. As a long time stylist though I can surely say that the quality of content in terms of information and high res images that jump off the pad, so to speak are amazing.

The interactivity is simple from a multimedia designers point of view, with some titles or statements appearing like a basic PowerPoint in a clever way. Even without the on line access to video, off line the app is a treat. From a page which has automatic scrolling, slide show of models in top 10 Clothes designers, my favourite is the inbuilt video content of a mini documentry on Halston, which plays inset in the magazine layout or full screen. It's also good to see that you are not bombarded by adverts, instead cleverly but sparingly used throughout.

For a first time ipad App it's near perfect, would love more inbuilt content that could be accessed without using the net, as well as been able to see some product prices and names like in the photo shoot. As well as ability to flip magazine in a vertical position, not just horizontally to see the amazing pictures. There is also a good mix of full and half page content to deliver visual interest.

On that note, it's an amazing app if you have an ipad and it paves the way for the future of online shopping and also magazine content for the fashion industry.