17 March 2011

LMFF Business Seminar - PM Edition. Reinventing the brand & content for the future.


New Frontiers in Publishing

Everyone is now media and content can be delivered 24/7
How do publishers or brands compete for attention. We don't, we participate.
There is now a homogenization of human identity.
New technologies, repurposing media content needs to be re approached by particular magazines.

"All humanity has the option to become enduring successful" Buckminster Fuller

What about the future of magazines?
The magazine is a souvenir of the event, much like a documented program from a concert. The Internet is the experience the magazine a physical collectors item.

The content needs to be unique or niche to survive in a media environment.
The story is critical
Listening is critical
Best ideas are afterthoughts. Like twitter
Personalization of content is critical.
Engagement and making audience think for themselves.
The content remains as the brand or the story.


Reinventing BALLY

Create, communicate and connect - statement of intent.
Connecting with the 21st Century. How do you make a brand 160 years old relevant?
Tapping into the heritage and been inspired but not replicating it.
RTW collection is the accessories to the accessories which is core to the brand of Bally
Reinventing detailing of the Bally stripe making it more bold. Reinventing the Bally B embossed leather pattern to make it more luxurious.

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LMFF Business Seminar. The AM Edition - Swedish Creativity


Balancing creative & finance

Started as fashion, entertainment and technology
Fashion basics developed for local market, with a crash course in jeans.
Acne doesn't really do any advertising, more creative concepts PR? I,e store swap.
Lanvin collaboration
ACNE paper. Writing and communicating the ACNE world, not just fashion.

No formal business plan. Starts simply as a meeting. How do you create a magazine without selling out the brand? Biannual. Cultural relevance and historical perspective not pushing new stuff constantly.
Selling product to where they liked to shop.
E- commerce is just 10% business. An Image portal that needs to do great business
Mr porter.!
'It's not about marketing, but creating great things' Jonny Johansson
Execution is everything!
Supply chain is key. Working leaner, cost effective and closet to time on delivery. Without good logistics everything breaks down.
ACNE film creative approach
core product - gross margin pays for the company growth
Distribution - where are you most wanted?


Welcome to a Generic World - globalization

Core value - human relationships. The Consumer is Boss
Ideas belief, find the idea and travel with it
We are quiet similar, yet we like to believe otherwise
Advertising generics. We are trapped. Don't try to be unique, try to be YOU!
Burberry Trench media is an exception
Product - trends filtering through market, how do you separate the brand?

How to make a difference!
Why is it important to differentiate?
Louis Vuitton bag. what do I get? A Brand! And belonging to that brand.
>>What<< is generic only>> how<< can separate
It's how you create the story that counts. Start a journey with a brand.
Communicate the FOF - fun of fashion.

From need to desire! When consuming fashion everything is based on desire.

Communicate the idea.
Throw away the manual.
Brave & Bold to fight routines and manuals.

Karl Lagerfeld for H&M followed by Stella McCartneys quirkiness, Victor & Rolf - a marriage, Roberto Cavalli - I am the party, Comme de Garcons- simply the brand. Matthew Williamson, Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel & Lanvin.
SAME IDEA different dimension

What is the talking point? Using friction and rumor to create conversation about the brand.

Reach the people that count instead of counting the people you reach!

The idea needs to flow! If it stops get rid of it.
Important to get back to the feeling of the brand. How do you bring back the original philosophy and values of the brand?

Look good, feel good, do good. Communication covers everything!
Responsible Fashion. In collaboration with the customer. Create & Collaborate. It still must look good! It's Fashion!

Susie Buell 'Esprit is not about age it's all about attitude'

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16 March 2011

Save the dancing for the prime time TV slot


Trimpaee at QV Fashion Fusion LMFF 2011


Forever New LMFF Sidewalk show 2011

One thing I saw yesterday at several free general public runway events was the inclusion of over dramatic dancing by yes dancers. Some purists would frown at the idea, and I think I have to agree.

The artistic integrity of the runway should be communicated through the designers collection and their use of colour, cut and fabric choice. Not to say runway producers shouldn't consider interesting choreography for models or a striking backdrop. Compared to last nights Vogue LMFF designer award finalist showcase where the clothes spoke from themselves, along with good old fashion strong walkers like Vanessa Milde and Rachel Rutt bringing the clothes to life.

Future producers of the Runway you may think adding the local dance troupe will make the collection more buyable to your market, but in the end it comes down to the unique design and strong brand philosophy which will make your fashion admires into lovers.

Save the dancing and prancing for the tv, make a pre show film or multimedia piece but please don't make a distraction from the real purpose of the runway to effectively showcase the individuality of the collection. There can be movement of fabric without been over dramatic but realistic. The question is Who do you want your clients to remember? Dancers or Design?

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13 March 2011

Picture Me: A Model's Diary

Picture Me: A Model's Diary

Whether you're an aspiring model, an admirer or interested in the fashion world the film Picture Me: A Model's Diary is a must see documentary. Which follows the working and revolving life of once top international model Sara Ziff.

Even though it was released in 2009 the stories told still ring true today on issues of coping with stress, travel, age and financial responsibilities that a model encounters. What would you do with a $110,000 cheque after a job?

In today's fashion industry there are the changes in the ethical responsibility of using models that promote a healthy weight image and acceptable age. As well as professionalism in working relationships However these issues will always be of social concern.

The cinematic quality is raw, using handicams and editing quite comical with the subjects chapters been animated in a diary style. A documentary that will provide you with a snapshot that reflects a models life for some time and the way in which the fashion industry is seen to models use at their expense.

Final screening Tuesday 15 March 2.30pm at ACMI.

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Before Galliano there was Heidi Slimane

To coincide with the L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural program there is an exhibition currently running at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) called MANSTYLE. Even though it's not a huge collection it's still worth a look getting a brief historical perspective of early mens tailoring to some modern designs. The collection includes designs by Hedi Slimane, Rick Owens and Morrissey and Edmiston to name a few. The exhibition barely breaks the surface and further exploration into footwear, accessories and street wear would've given us a more rounded historical perspective.


Man Style runs until 27th November at NGV

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