29 December 2010

It began with a Carnivale and ended with a good cause, 2010 in perspective

2010 Saw a change in roles from just dressing which involved stepping up to the plate in managerial roles, crash courses in choreography, more show calling and back to my fashion roots of styling as stylist assistant for MYER Fashion Friday. Amongst the highs and lows of reaching 50 plus shows, sitting front row at several RAFW SS2010 -11 shows as an industry delegate. Winning the Ginger & Smart blog review competition.Seeing model Letitia Fitzpatrick OWN the RAFW showroom in her RAFW debut (de butt).Surviving a three day marathon of retail mall shows, mainly thanks to lunchtime lurks with the finest Finesse ladies and communal family KFC chips. Despite the long hours, waiting, pressure, repetitiveness, it's a part of why fashion people do what we do; the mix of emotions and talented people you get to work with time and time again to accomplish that all important production.

Location:It began with a Carnivale and ended with a Charity. 2010