18 February 2011

If you lost your luggage what wouldn't you be caught wearing?

As a frequent flyer I've witnessed some stylish and not so stylish outfits. And recently even read tweets people commenting on airport attire. There are of course no right or wrong rules of jetting style. However one must remember dress comfortable but not too comfortable and more importantly appropriately. Save the tracksuits for the couch and not lugging around your fake Louis Vuitton luggage. You may only be waiting in an airport or traveling for a few hours, but it's still part of the wider world where anyone and everyone can see your personal style on display. Traveling can also give you the opportunity to be bold or more daring than your usual routine.

The question is If you loose your luggage what would you like to be seen in for the remainder of your trip or at the very least to your first appointment?

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