29 March 2010

A chilling preview of things to come

I once heard a quote with regards to when Anna Wintour was been interviewed, “some people think you’re an ice woman, in which she replied “I’ve heard it’s been cold this winter” I just wanted to open with that quote as I thought it would be quite fitting when talking about a recent parade I saw which left me very cold indeed.

Rundle mall hasn’t seen a decent parade since Rundle Mall Spring 2007, when I started out dressing back of house. The 2010 autumn winter parade seemed a world away from the calibre of event it once was.

The stylistic décor and fabulous sounds of Dj Alley Oop lured the audience into a false sense of security.

The only winter I got out of it was a down pouring of cheesy grins and body movements, especially ridiculous was the hand on the hip dancing like a stripper motion while trying to hold a pose. And the least you could’ve asked for was a decent hold at the end of the runway; you’d have to be a pro photographer to get a perfect shot. The model seemed to do her thing at the end of the runway but not wanting to commit.

There’s nothing wrong with creativity and flair in parade choreography, even though clean, consistent and simple is best. This was a hurricane of sorts it was like 101 choreography routines crammed into every section just for the sake of it.

For the everyday consumer it may have seemed entertaining but not memorable. Too much fan fare can distract from the real reason for the parade to showcase the garments and ultimately sell the clothes in a realistic way. As I sat there with a pursed lips I couldn’t help wondering where the industry had had taken a wrong turn, winter had truly arrived in Adelaide.

photography of parade sourced from Foster Hill PR facebook page 2010, logo sourced from Rundle mall Adelaide

26 March 2010

ATTITUDE ABSOLUT ADELAIDE stealing beauty Autumn mag launch

aaa list
(just some of the peeps I saw or who I can remember seeing)

Damian - Porcelain
Cate Pontefix
none the richer
retail pioneers
Sean - LAX
Adrian - Zero
Urban gallerie
industry pros
Filip Odzak
Brigette & Tim Mitchell - Finnesse Models Aus
Bec Mclure
cool kids
Ryan O
Daniele Dantès
Dangerous Dan
Def Starr
Ksubi/Bang Gang 12"
Charlotte Chambers
Holly Beer

If there was a magazine issue launch to be at it, was the Attitude Absolut Adelaide held in a no more suitable place than LIMBO.

Mixing more than cocktails where a bevy of local and international fashion identities. I found it much more than a magazine launch but a catch up with the all important people that make our industry what it is. Be it models, agency pros, designers, boutique owners, stylists, the cool kids that wear the clothes or like myself blogger, stylist turned fashion event guru.
It was truely a party that reflected what the magazine is about, attitude, collaboration, style and most of all fun. Special thanks to CC for the invite.

22 March 2010

A Collection of Style - L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival

The L’Oréal Melbourne fashion festival has become one of Australia’s biggest and most sophisticated consumer fashion events. This year was no exception. Far away from the Central Pier Paris runway shows, The City of Stonnington hosts a series of runway shows that reflect the areas vibrant and stylish attitude towards fashion and culture. The area hosts the famous shopping precincts of Chapel and High streets.

To be involved in three very different shows is an amazing experience. Each show had their own individual style yet reflected the tradition of the Fashion Collection shows that is to generate excitement and interest in the local designers and boutiques.

Fashion collections 3 – Renegades
Tough edgy AW Collections from labels and boutiques the likes of Stevie, Choc City, Renegades, Vanguard and Rufus Green. A favorite of mine was Rufus Greens unique designs which never disappoint and always manages to turn heads.

LMFF official tv channel


Fashion Collections 4 – Jeanswest
Breaking the ground rules in selling denim is a tough job, standing out in a seemingly flooded market place of jeans and jackets. Jeanswest showcased an edgy approach mixed with comforting knitwear and denim on denim. However not truely ground breaking it's collection was made stylishly wearable.

LMFF official TV channel


Fashion Collections 5 – The Style Salon
This was my second year finishing off at Malvern town Hall and this year’s collection show cased a more grown up and sophisticated look.

LMFF official TV channel


Next year if you want to step away and take a breather from the bigger runway shows or the hustle and bustle of the sidewalk, book a fashion collection show to experience what local suburban fashion is all about.

12 March 2010

Not so youthful retail approach

all photos from 2THREADS.COM taken at RAFW SS09/10

This week looks like the end of an Adelaide fashion retail icon, Youthworks. After relaunching not that long ago it seems the once strong brand couldn't re enter the market place where it left off back in the noughties. Major competitors like globalize, LAX to name a few have seemed to have filled the gap it once left.
You have to question where Youthworks went wrong especially stocking outstanding brands like Alpha 60, Chronicles of Never and Saint Augustine Academy.
The main problem I saw, from both a consumer and stylists point of view was the overlapping of business, modern street wear attire & labels. This goes for stocking different price point labels and therefore quality. Having Ben Sherman next to Saint Augustine Academy is not going to cut it with today's discerning fashionista. The need for fresh advertsing and active use of social media is now all too important in the fashion stakes no matter how big or small a retailer you are.
Not trying to pigeon hole a consumer's habits but it seems there are several types of shoppers the boutique - Urban Gallerie, pop up store - SABA's and your Jack London or Cue or one stop shop like DJ's. When done right, especially the latter it can definitely work.
In conclusion, the once recognised retail brand Youthworks needed to reinvent it self for the new Adelaide market place, which it tried to but alas it was too late.

RIP Youthworks