12 March 2010

Not so youthful retail approach

all photos from 2THREADS.COM taken at RAFW SS09/10

This week looks like the end of an Adelaide fashion retail icon, Youthworks. After relaunching not that long ago it seems the once strong brand couldn't re enter the market place where it left off back in the noughties. Major competitors like globalize, LAX to name a few have seemed to have filled the gap it once left.
You have to question where Youthworks went wrong especially stocking outstanding brands like Alpha 60, Chronicles of Never and Saint Augustine Academy.
The main problem I saw, from both a consumer and stylists point of view was the overlapping of business, modern street wear attire & labels. This goes for stocking different price point labels and therefore quality. Having Ben Sherman next to Saint Augustine Academy is not going to cut it with today's discerning fashionista. The need for fresh advertsing and active use of social media is now all too important in the fashion stakes no matter how big or small a retailer you are.
Not trying to pigeon hole a consumer's habits but it seems there are several types of shoppers the boutique - Urban Gallerie, pop up store - SABA's and your Jack London or Cue or one stop shop like DJ's. When done right, especially the latter it can definitely work.
In conclusion, the once recognised retail brand Youthworks needed to reinvent it self for the new Adelaide market place, which it tried to but alas it was too late.

RIP Youthworks

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