17 March 2011

LMFF Business Seminar - PM Edition. Reinventing the brand & content for the future.


New Frontiers in Publishing

Everyone is now media and content can be delivered 24/7
How do publishers or brands compete for attention. We don't, we participate.
There is now a homogenization of human identity.
New technologies, repurposing media content needs to be re approached by particular magazines.

"All humanity has the option to become enduring successful" Buckminster Fuller

What about the future of magazines?
The magazine is a souvenir of the event, much like a documented program from a concert. The Internet is the experience the magazine a physical collectors item.

The content needs to be unique or niche to survive in a media environment.
The story is critical
Listening is critical
Best ideas are afterthoughts. Like twitter
Personalization of content is critical.
Engagement and making audience think for themselves.
The content remains as the brand or the story.


Reinventing BALLY

Create, communicate and connect - statement of intent.
Connecting with the 21st Century. How do you make a brand 160 years old relevant?
Tapping into the heritage and been inspired but not replicating it.
RTW collection is the accessories to the accessories which is core to the brand of Bally
Reinventing detailing of the Bally stripe making it more bold. Reinventing the Bally B embossed leather pattern to make it more luxurious.

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