13 March 2011

Picture Me: A Model's Diary

Picture Me: A Model's Diary

Whether you're an aspiring model, an admirer or interested in the fashion world the film Picture Me: A Model's Diary is a must see documentary. Which follows the working and revolving life of once top international model Sara Ziff.

Even though it was released in 2009 the stories told still ring true today on issues of coping with stress, travel, age and financial responsibilities that a model encounters. What would you do with a $110,000 cheque after a job?

In today's fashion industry there are the changes in the ethical responsibility of using models that promote a healthy weight image and acceptable age. As well as professionalism in working relationships However these issues will always be of social concern.

The cinematic quality is raw, using handicams and editing quite comical with the subjects chapters been animated in a diary style. A documentary that will provide you with a snapshot that reflects a models life for some time and the way in which the fashion industry is seen to models use at their expense.

Final screening Tuesday 15 March 2.30pm at ACMI.

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