11 August 2010

Managing 101 reflection

Tomorrow I get to manage the dressers for one of the much anticipated fashion events in Adelaide the Gerade Mcabe Noir parade. From hand picking the team, well almost all of it, to delegating and understanding people's potential under stress is paramount to the job.

I'd like to think there is an industry standard of dressing and so there should be. In the eastern states at the like of L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion festival and Rosemount Australian fashion week procedures are routine and ultimately make the parade run smoother. However there are always tough zips and maybe a model or two dressing in the line.

My notes for briefing tomorrow look like this:

  1. Check your running order, one, twice, thrice or till you know each garment inside out.

  2. Unzip and undo only what needs to be done.

  3. Stay at your rack at all times during the parade, unless you are behind and need to dress in the line

  4. Know your models name or in this case names, Callers will call for your model not the dresser.

  5. Dress your model first then help others. Delegation is key

  6. Know which shoes match the outfit.

  7. Check if there is a finale outfit different than the last outfit. ( a change back into a previous garment)

  8. Missing and broken items must be reported immediately

  9. Hang as you go if possible

  10. Enjoy the short rush that is working back of house.

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