18 January 2011

A few final thoughts.

After watching the Burberry Fall 2011 Mens Collection I came to the conclusion that a great closing finale is as important as the opening and often doesn't get the recognition as it should. Not to say that the first outfit and model should't be a show stopper. The creativeness of controlled 'rain' falling over models dressed in their classic but strong Burberry coats shelled by clear raincoats was memorable yet relevant.

A successful finale of any runway show should communicate the overall feeling and mood of the collection the strengths of cohesive design through musical personality choice of choreography and theatrical effect. The only thing left to touch on is the importance of runway etiquette of applauding only at the beginning if the finale when the full collection has been shown not half way through a designers which can tend to spoil the mood and become a distraction.
Whether engaging with the collection and designs in person or online like myself and thousands of others through live streaming watching the Burberry collection. You be should going away feeling yes that was an amazing collection and at the same time a bloody good show.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011

Miss Unkon Spring Summer 2010/11

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