3 February 2015

Slamming through the #@#% of serious fashion.

It's more common for frustrated tennis stars to take it out on the tennis officials over game deciding  decisions by umpires. During the 2015 Australian Open, Kim Sears, Andy Murray's fianc√©e was in the spotlight for sideline swearing. Taking cheek in her spat just days after choosing to wear an "PARENTAL ADVISORY, EXPLICIT CONTENT" t- shirt to another one of Murray's matches.

The classification warning graphic has been around for years, since the 90's when logo branding was used on almost everything wearable. It was Alexander Wang who not long ago gave his interpretation of the era in his Spring 2014 collection. Referring back to an period when "Fashion was really fun, when there was wit and humour, and it wasn't so serious" Wang. - Style.com 2014.

We now live in a time when we are drowning in visual noise both on line and in everyday environments sometimes it can be the basic of all messages that stand out the most. It's a reminder for us to lighten the F. up once in a while when communicating who we are as individuals through what we wear.

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