29 October 2015

An enchanting runway by PAOLO SEBASTIAN

The Snow Maiden

Having not had a solo show as part of  the Adelaide Festival since 2011 it was another highly anticipated runway show. Paolo Vasileff showcased his Autumn Winter 2016 collection tittled the Snow Maiden against a backdrop of full size trees stripped back to their bare winter state. Which both contrasted and complimented the collection which was full of texture,volume and warmth.

There was a sense of progression from a peasant maiden with a touch of old world elegance to fairy tale princess. This was reflected in styling, proportions of garment lengths and layering. The collection was as diverse as needed to be without loosing the connection throughout the showcase and wasn't all extreme couture. The evening options had a ready to wear appeal but keeping the Paolo Sebastian attention to detail.

It was fitting to have such a talented designer close the new look Adelaide Fashion Festival after a four day whirlwind of runway shows and cultural events showcasing the best of South Australia's creativity within the fashion industry.


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