8 February 2010

Does the face fit the Fashion?

To smile or not to smile? that is the question. With the L'oréal Melbourne Fashion's branding campaign well under way, the main message is that fashion should be fun, enjoyable and most of all portray a positive mood. It's not surprising the smile is back with all the talk of the GFC and economic doom and gloom.

Even though I'm all for a positive feeling on the runway, the real question is does this happy tone always fit the look and feel of the clothes or design? And god forbid if the model has a real cheesy smile.

In a show I called last year there were a number of designers looks that required a strong walk and therefore a strong look to go with bold empowering clothes, only some designers collections required a happy go lucky look.

Former Adelaide model Zoe Vink, who attended the LMFF casting call commented for the Sunday Age on their article on the topic and said there was an increase in shows where a smile was now required on the runway. (Kent 2010)

I'll leave it up to you whether you are more likely to crave an outfit even though the face doesn't fit the fashion.

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  1. Scratch the Smiles - there is a reason why models are plain. They are there to model the clothes and make them look amazing. People aren't paying attention to their face..well I don't!

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