19 September 2010

In the eye of the storm

Behind the walls of the runway, there is a whole other world people may never know. Amongst the frenzy of fittings, run-throughs and show preparation there is always the eye of the storm. A sense calmness of waiting and anticipation and often boredom.

It is here where I have always noticed a kind of social divide between model and dresser or back of house staff. Both here and abroad at the highest level. Sometimes it reminds me of the school yard where different groups, nerds, jocks or where I grew up, surfers and non surfers use to congregate in there separate camps. Maybe it's a good thing, to allow the two parties to get into their different mind sets to fully get the best out of their individual roles.

Though it all seems to work out in the end. The short lived working relationship between the model and dresser exists in the moments of first outfit calls and finale. And that is where it should end, even though there is no code of ethics, I know there is stuff that shouldn't be divulged, especially in my position as a privalaged male.

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