3 October 2010

The LMFF way is the most successful way

As I look forward to doing a fourth show pretty much back to back, I thought I'd take the time to reflect on what was a massive week. After working back of house at the Ruby Rose MYER show in Adelaide, I was given the opportunity to work as stylist and parade assistant for the MYER show featuring at the final monthly Fashion Friday at the Hilton. An intimate afternoon, much like a high tea but incorporating an up close and personal fashion parade with that special front row feeling.

There is so much to show production than just the styling. The lengthy process can made easier if the right organisational skills are practiced. Having both worked at different levels at LMFF, both as volunteers and the MYER stylist also involved in a senior role meant there was a mutual understanding of proffesionalsim and ways of working, from the numbering of parade outfits, layout of back of house and the marking of running sheet for the models.
One thing you have to be able to do is be able to hit the ground running, it could be having to solve a shoe edit when you discover there are not enough shoes in stock and you have to restyle and make the descison in the reserves store room or be swamped with a majority of the models coming all at once for fittings.
Managing your time, doing lists and pre organsing for the likes of retagging and bump in/out process is crucial for ensuring a parade runs smoothly. And in the end the less to worry about in those fifteen minutes of runway show time means you can concentrate on your individual role and your teams performance. It was definitely great to have a critical input into styling, choregraphy and work closely with an experienced stylist and show producer who works for a national client.


  1. Wow looks great, envy you, I want to get involved, but I'm unsure how to, I'm a student, and I don't even know if I'm studying the correct thing for what I want to do, which is somewhere alonog the lines of what you do. Do you have any tips? xx