15 March 2012

LMFF 2012 Business Seminar AM edition. Power to the people

Mike Shearwood, Aurora Fashions UK

The future is now

29 's & under the most influential consumer group. Understanding the phsysicology to succeed. Gen x are starting to adopt gen y characteristics through technology.
The integration with the consumer has to be meaningful and accessible

Technology has to be able to facilitate the experience not be the experience.
By 2020 the web will account for 68% of transactions as shown by UK research.
Content online needs to be rich to work, especially for fashion. Not just flat images.

Australia is a sophisticated and educated market.

How do you make stores like ecommerce? produce a multi channel by integrating all facets of business and removing all barriers.

Fast delivery and logistics, customers expect this.
Pioneering fast logistics. 90 minute delivery - record in central London is 15 mins

If it's available anywhere
it's available everywhere

Data basing, history readily available for staff and integrating with technology to create a new customer journey, they need to be able to tell you what journey they want.

Embrace Omni channel - mash up and stores and e - commerce. Strong own brands will prevent the incursion of pure play etailers.

Innovate in order to differentiate

Timothy J Coghlan, Property Group CHINA
Founder Maosuit.com

China & Fashion
Explosive growth & opportunities for Entry

The new consumer is digitally savvy, 7 incomes and well educated. Flagship stores and malls for shopping plus online in all key cities.

2015 is going to be biggest luxury market 18% growth, 520 million shopping on e commerce.
H&M 75 stores LV 35 stores.

Holding biggest global events for store openings and creating press and exposure.
Real estate size Gucci needs extra floors just for out of home advertising.

Chinese microblog Weibo equivelent of blogpress. Western social media has it's own Chinese equivalent due to media restrictions.

Uma Wang & Xander Zhou up & coming designers placed in unique designer stores.

There are many barriers getting into China, logistics, language, legal framework etc.
Service providers are in high demand. Australian brands don't have a recognisable presence, pretty much all LVHM, PPR brands mixed with the likes of H&M.

The infrastructure of the brands are there but no real emphasis on customer service and training which is behind.

In terms of business ethics there may be the need to provide "lunch or holiday"money to get press or seal deals.

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