15 March 2012

LMFF 2012 Business Seminar PM Edition

Julia Fowler & Geoff Watts, EDITD

Connects fashion, luxury with business they're not an agency but create a product you can log into. People want immediacy, especially with fashion.

Everyone should know how the business is trading.

What would you do with the data available?

Check price points, popularity of drops, comp shop - compare your competitors.
Real time market analysis.
Buzz can see what people are talking about by who clicks on fan like and how many. Useful for trends.


Snap shots of web pages to see communication spread through channels such as newsletters, web changes and online visual merchandising.

Everyone is shopping internationally and this should be aligned.

Tuning things for your customer in a local way.
Hyper custom
Knowing your customer

The future of EDITD

Real time feed interface source a product then relate back to previous and current trends, Including runway pictures, colour and even related products. External factors like weather or climate.

Ethical issues on obtaining data, either the client enters data into product or Editd search through the likes of google analytics.

How do you create innovation without taking that risk? Just making it more relevant to your local market.
If you put something on the net it's out there for the taking. Editd have made information more fashion business relevant.

Should be concerned with not what the global market is doing but to be competitive on the international market.

Alan Treadgold, Leo Burnett Group

Retail re imagined : shopper engagement in a multichannel world.

Shopping is no longer prescriptive.
Almost everyone is a multi channel shopper. These channels have emerged fast. Shoppers need to be able to move seamlessly between channels. Returning to the store on their terms.
Mobile commerce is connecting and blurring the experience.

Physical stores need to be re imagined; great spaces will succeed. Fewer, better stores and treating every store as a flagship and asset.
Win through localising the experience.

Harness the social, people are far less trusting in institutions and traditional media. Engagement in peers they trust is more common.
Era of transparency nowhere to hide pricing.
CSR is still a major concern of shoppers. Factoring in the cost and message.

There is a mass problem with high St real estate vacancy, one solution is to bring back affordable living for Gen Y in these areas.

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