29 October 2014

The Emerging talent of SA designers. #2014aff

The SA Designer showcase presented by Renniks hire went beyond showcasing South Australian designers to the general public and industry professionals. The event gave emerging designers a reality check in how hard it is to be a successful designer both locally, nationally and internationally. By having two parades Emerging and Established showcasing on the same runway. Showing how far any successful designer needs to develop both in creativity and business knowledge,

The backdrop for the SA designer showcase event has always been unique year after year and 2014 and the old Adelaide goal was no different. Though the lighting in the courtyard was blinding at times, like prisoners in a guards spotlight. It was the runway setting that made up for this showcasing Adelaide's best design talent.

 Simone Standing the label : Winner of the 2014 Emerging Designer award. 

Simone Standing the label was awarded the winner of the Emerging Designer award for 2014. having recently making the bold move to re brand her design name and get a fresh start paid off. With prize money and editorial package with Attitude magazine which all young designers need in such a competitive and tough economic retail climate.

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