8 April 2014

Romance was Born and Rebecca Baumann: Reflected glory

Every moment in time has some kind of reflection, and the collection reflects this in an artistic exhibition and collaboration between Fashion and Art.

'like the Madonna tee that Luke was wearing the first time we met and hung out at my house party. We embellished the garment in clear sequins and now this piece embodies the creative spirit between the both of us.'
Anna Plunkett, Romance was Born

The collection even though an artistic exhibition is still going to be available for RTW through use of the prints used in the installation designs. Anna and Luke played with both the artistic space and not been constrained by model sizing. Luke explained despite designing collaboratively for an exhibition showcase the design process stayed the same.
Rebecca Baumans is renowned for her distinctive kinetic sculptures, performance and installation. The collaboration between art and fashion was seamless with Baumans use of light and the exploration of reflection, colour and surfaces. Brining a strong relationship between the experience or moment in time of the garment and it's surroundings and space.

Thanks to Gabrielle Wilson from Articulate PR for the opportunity to preview the show at the media call.


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